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Bismarck Weekends (Trips)

No extra travel cost (Staring $60-$120 of savings)


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You could mix and match subjects for your photoshoot.

To see more subjects check out our main menu under "Photoshoot & Galleries"

Bismarck Weekend's Dates

May - July we have 4 pending shoots if you want to book something dont hesitate to contact me personally. - Kevin

This webpage is currently being worked on for KGE Photography. The website will include a secure booking system for clients to easily book their own photo shoot with Kevin. All travel costs to Bismarck ND for your photoshoot are included in the budget of the shoot from dates that are listed on the webpage here. If you have a larger budget of more than $450 for your photoshoot, please feel free to call or text Kevin Eilenberg at 701-997-4030 to book your own special day. Stay tuned for more updates as the website is coming soon

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