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We are staring Summer 2022 with new technology.

Faster Cameras - new premium glass lens - new powerful software

KGE Photography Weddings #kgephoto

All photography is by Kevin G Eilenberg - KGE Photography

Jones Wedding

KGEphoto-IMG_7730 - (10-05-18).jpg

From Stefon Jones

"Man where do I start!? This was an amazing experience to say the least. Kevin was very responsive when we initially asked him to help us out on our big day. Not only did he help us create some guidelines, but also stayed on top of the timeline with constant communication. We live in Texas and coordinated with Kevin to shoot our photos in Maple Grove, MN (where our wedding was). Kevin showed up very prepared, he was very personable and funny (unlike some cranky pushy photographers). He made sure we all had fun and took the best candid photos that you can ever imagine. He encouraged us to be ourselves for the best shots, and boy did it work out! Kevin is the epitome of under promise and over deliver. Professionalism is off the charts! If you have already made arrangements with a photographer, go get your money back and book Kevin! No seriously! Save yourself some money and a headache."

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Ezra & Malia Wedding

KGEphoto-IMG_3728 - (08-22-20).jpg

From Malia

"Kevin is so professional and easy to work with. The memories he was able to capture on our special day are absolutely priceless. He is an artist. I am in awe of his ability to capture the best visual representation of each moment in his photography. If you need a wedding photographer, he is your guy."

This Review was posted on KGE Photography's facebook Page (See Review)

KGEphoto-IMG_3678 - (08-22-20).jpg