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  • Where are KGE Photography located?
    KGE Photography is now mainly located in Fargo, North Dakota / Moorhead Minnesota, and we also take weekly trips back to Bismarck, ND. We also do seasonal trips to the following locations; Minot, ND Grand Forks ND Devils Lake ND Minneapolis, MN Denver, CO Fort Lauderdale FL Temecula CA Los Angeles CA and more! See more with trip scheduling info click here Call or Text: 701-997-4030 Kevin Eilenberg
  • Who is the Photographer?
    My name is Kevin G Eilenberg.. KGE Photography is exclusive taken by me. 2nd shooters & other team members are part of KGE Lifetyles Group/Fine Momments Photography both own & managed by me.
  • How long have you been a photographer?
    I have been taking photos since 2001. Since I started photography, I realized that this is a passion, that I love documenting and sharing my adventures in a most creative way. In 2015 I opened up KGE Photography as a business and photographing over hundreds of clients of all many types. I always tell people that photography has never felt like a job to me, it's something I have a lot of fun doing, and every client and event are never the same.
  • How do I book you for a photoshoot or wedding?
    Once you contact me. we will set up the date and location of when you want your photo shoot to be. Then I would require a retainer/deposit normally 50% down of the agreed package. This is all done online. Then after the photo shoot, the rest of the remaining is due. If you want to have a phone call/meeting before booking, you’re more than welcome to contact me. If it’s about a full day shoot or a wedding it is recommended that we have a phone call/meeting in the process of booking.
  • How long after the event or photoshoot will my images be ready?
    All packages and plans you will receive sneak peaks (3 to 10 images) within 24 to 72 hours. This exclusive by KGE Photography. For most photoshoots, the full package (images) are normally ready in 2-3 weeks, and for weddings or full day shoots images typically ready in 4-6 weeks. There are VIP services to boost the development prosses.
  • What is "Parachute Time™️"?
    With KGE Photography, "Parachute Time™️" is extra time that will protect your photo shoot from any inconveniences. "Parachute Time™️" can is used for: Being late. Changing outfits delays. Changing locations. Going through & picking out the photos. Diaper changes or feeding baby. Light & props setting up delays Etc. Parachute Time™️ does not include taking photos or videos. Parachute Time is only for inconveniences.
  • How many images will we receive?
    You will typically receive approximately 70 to 100 images per hour. If you add a second photographer, the coverage and total number of images per hour will increase. The overall number of images varies and may be affected by the events of the day, such as traveling between locations. If everything is running according to plan, you could end up with a lot more. Note 1: Any of the Gold or Premium packages will allow you to go through the photos with me so that we can pick out the winners together. This may take an extra 30 minutes to an hour after the photoshoot. 💻📸 Note 2: This does not include Express photo shoots. They have a limited amount of photos to keep the budget price.
  • Should we do an engagement session?
    Engagement sessions are a great opportunity to celebrate the special moments of life and it’s great to practice before the wedding day! For me, it’s a chance to get to know you and for you to see how I work. It helps take away stress from the wedding day because then we know each other a little more and you are more comfortable in front of the camera. Also, it’s just a lot of fun and brings out awareness to your friends and family in a creative way. :)
  • Do you shoot video as well?
    Yes & No... lol I mainly do still photography for all subjects. But I would be happy to refer some great videographers to you that I work with. I only do music videos. If you own a company and wanting to do a budget commercial made exclusively by me maybe we could talk about a bundle deal for experimenting. (There will be a Q&A for Music Videos soon) When it comes to weddings I would recommend you hiring someone to only do videos. Every moment of your wedding is important when you have one person to do on both something will be missed out.
  • What Payments do you accept?
    With payment we accept Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, PayPal or the traditional online pay provided by QuickBooks or Stripe. Yes we do work with American Express and Discover.
  • Are there other fees?
    I try my best to make KGE Photography & Fine Moments as flat rate as I can but there is still some things that are not included with the photo shoot packages here are a list of few. Fees = Reimbursements Parking fee Park or Location fee Gas (Travel) Air travel (ticket, baggage, transportation etc.) Hotel Room Meals for Photoshoots 4.5 hours+ City or Location Permits (I personally have not experienced yet) Taxes Paypal Service fee Venmo protection Fee (If box is checked) Credit card processing Fees Depending on the budget sometimes there is ways to include the fees. I normally include my travel time with just reimbursements depending on how busy I am or not. Let's have a talk. - Kevin
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