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Main Location: Fargo ND/ Moorhead MN & Bismarck ND / Mandan ND

 Secondary locations: Grand Forks ND, Devils Lake ND Minot ND & Granby CO

We travel all over the US too

 Book Your Wedding Shoots For 2023 & 2024 

 Call or Text: 951-319-0819 

 Professional Full Days Shoots Starting Only $1200 

or Full Day Plus Starting $1500 

Comes with 24 to 48 hours sneak peaks & 30 days to receive all your photos fully edited



A Message from Kevin G. Eilenberg

Welcome! KGE Photography is an individual brand and photography service that is now based in Fargo, North Dakota. Founded by (me) Kevin Eilenberg in 2013, KGE Photography offers affordable & premium services that work with your budget. We photograph various subjects, especially within the entertainment industry. While KGE Photography works with many in-state clients, I also travel nationally for a photoshoot and visit North Dakota once a year to take photos as well.


Photography is a deep passion of mine that I have pursued for the last 22 years. I have recently launched this website to share my passion with other people. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out either through the KGE Photography Facebook page or by contacting me (Kevin) at 701-977-4030 (call or text). 


Alongside my photography business, I also run a clothing brand called KGE Lifestyles Supply. Products are printed and produced in Los Angeles and Charlotte, North Carolina. Want to know more about KGE Lifestyles Supply? Visit our website at


I look forward to making more art & memories with other people! 

Thank you for your time, 

Kevin G. Eilenberg

Kevin Eilenberg Photographer - Behind the Mac - #kgephoto KGE Photoraphy Fargo Photograper
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PPA photographer - KGE photography
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Subjects you might be interested in.

You could mix and match subjects for your photoshoot.

To see more subjects check out our main menu under "Photoshoot & Galleries"

Featured Photoshoots

All Photography is by Kevin G Eilenberg

Oak Wise Barbershop
KGEphoto-IMG_3012 - (05-23-20).jpg
Todd Lebeau Fancy Dancer Native, KGE Photography  powwow
KGEphoto-IMG_8624 - (07-07-20).jpg
KGEphoto-IMG_6120 - (03-11-16).jpg
KGEphoto-IMG_3441 - (09-15-20).jpg
KGEphoto-IMG_6350 - (10-18-20).jpg
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